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Community Updates from Golden Beach

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Town Staff Celebrates Black History Month:

In February, Town Staff met at Tweddle Park to Celebrate Back History Month. The team enjoyed catering from Jackson's Soul Food, made possible by generous donations from our Residents to the Town's employee lunch fund.

Strand Gatehouse Project Moves Toward Completion:

If you have entered through The Strand in recent months, it's hard not to notice that the Gatehouse has been undergoing a facelift. In keeping with contemporary architecture trends, the Gatehouse has begun taking on a more modern feel. The project hit a small delay when it was realized that the structure's roof trusses had moisture damage needed to be replaced. 

Beach Pavilion Project Keeps Moving...And Growing:

Another project that is running concurrent with the Gatehouse remodel is the improved amenities at the Beach Pavilion. New expansive bathrooms and showers along with more ample storage areas where part of the initial scope of the project. In response to Residents proposing adding food concessions and/or Town Officials decided to extend the footprint of the project to keep room to grow. As of yet, there is no official plan to bring food service or towel service to the Beach, but the Town would like to keep its options open and therefore factored future plans into its current project.

Mayor & Town Manager Visit Local Municipalities' City Halls:

Mayor Singer and Town Manager Alexander Diaz toured Aventura City Hall and Surfside City Hall with their Mayors and City Managers in hopes of gaining insight into what those municipalities have found as strengths and opportunities in their current facilities. With marked Residents support for a new Civic Center here in Golden Beach, Mayor Singer and Mr. Diaz took detailed notes so as to make sure our new community center is one that is efficient and effective. 


You may notice a couple of golf carts rolling around Town in the coming weeks. No, Golden Beach hasn't built a new 18-hole course within its limits; the Town has purchased these two new security golf carts to patrol the Town from 8pm until dawn. Manned by Community Service Aids (CSAs), these carts will help provide an additional pair of eyes during the overnight hours and will help serve as a deterrent to crime. 

But Wait, There's More!

Just when you thought the dust had settled, the Town Council has approved the new, additional improvements to The Strand and Beach Pavilion areas of Town. These projects will affect areas of Town that are already being remodeled and will extend the construction period of those sites. At the February council meeting, the Mayor and Town Council approved moving forward with enhancements. These are new projects, with their own budget, but all funds come from the existing approved 2017-2018 Town Budget with no new costs being passes along to Residents.

The scope of work will cover improvements to the four corners at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and The Strand. Features include renovations to the fountains that flank the Gatehouse, new landscaping at the entrance of the Beach Pavilion and Gatehouse and new brick pavers at the site.

The Beach pavilion will also undergo restorations involving sandblasting and repainting, installation of new hurricane straps for its trusses, and floor repairs. 

We appreciate Residents' patience as we continue to make Golden Beach even better, and we will work to minimize impact and closures as we progress. 


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